Piping Hot

What I’m loving lately is this faux fur vest.

Faux Fur Vest

My favorite part is the leather trim along the zipper. It’s cold here in New England so wearing a sweater everyday just gets boring. This combination of textures, fur and leather, allows for a fun twist on your basic fur vest and an update to your everyday sweater.

What I’m loving even more is that I’m seeing this element of leather trim being used allover, especially in interiors. This new take on piping seems to be popping up more and more. Leather trim can provide a modern update to some otherwise traditional pieces. On a recent trip to the design center I snapped pics of two upholstered chairs in the same fabric and leather piping but on two different styles of chairs.

These neutral, somewhat feminine and formal pieces are given a slightly masculine, but modern feel with the addition of the leather piping.

LEather Trim Chair 1

Leather Trim Chair 2

This has got me wanting more, so I headed over to a favorite houzz to check it out.

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