Modern Cottage Collection at Target

I might be a little late to the game with posting about the Modern Cottage Home Decor Collection but in my defense the closest Target to me is located in the same shopping center as a Market Basket and if you’ve ever been to a Market Basket well then you know but if you haven’t and I’m not endorsing this site I’m just helping guide you in my reasoning to avoid anyplace within a half mile of one.

Where were we, so yesterday I had the opportunity to go inside a Target, a different one I might add, which leads me to my next point, why do you always go in that place and walk out with 100 more things than you went in for?

Anyway…Target has definitely had their share of collaborations. Most recently the Missoni Collaboration, which was a great line but there wasn’t enough inventory to support the demand. Then the Neiman Marcus flop which NYMag wrote all about. As I was perusing every single aisle I stumbled across the Modern Cottage Collection and was excited to finally see some of the collection in person so I snapped a few pics of some pieces that stood out to me .

Yellow Ikat Print Lamp Shade - Target

Yellow Mod Teardrop Vase'Target

Green and Orange Table Bases - Target

Ceramic Lattice Canisters - TargetWhite Mirrored Drawer Accent Table - Target 5

Green Lattice Top Accent Table-Target

Black Lattice Accent Table - Target

My real point here is Target doesn’t always have to have some big collaboration to keep up with the ever changing design world. They have some great designers in-house (quality could definitely improve) but the designs are fun and modern and the items are affordable. I think they might be on to something here.

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