The Surfcomber Hotel

One of the things I love the most about traveling is checking out boutique hotels. For a classic girl boutique hotels serve as a source of inspiration to me. They inspire me to bring out a little of that fun and edgy side that sometimes likes to hide.

Winter is thankfully wrapping up so it feels fitting to be thinking about a little sun. I stumbled upon The Surfcomber thanks to Jetsetter.  Dayna Lee and Ted Berner of Powerstrip Studio transformed this space into a stylish and casual but very unexpected space. It seems like the perfect combination for a South Beach getaway.

There is so much personality going on in this hotel, where do I even begin?!

Right, the bar, always inspiring to me no matter what. But seriously, amazing.

Surfcomber Bar

Closer up, daytime shot, you can see how amazing the light fixtures are over the bar. And the back to back sofas, a great use of the space. I also love the use of all of the candles and the black and white oversize photos on the wall behind the bar. Very little pattern but when it’s used you just want to jump right into those chairs and have a drink.


Did I mention they have a nightly wine reception? Probably the reason I found this place but I’ll take my wine out here, in these citron rocking chairs, who would have thought traditional rocking chairs in this funky spot?


My husband has been dying for me to allow him to display one of his surfboards somewhere in our house. I used to think he was nuts, now I think he might be on to something after seeing this.

Surfcomber Room

Just when you think they couldn’t do it anymore, here they go with The Pasture.

sculptureA herd of “characters” as they call it just hanging out poolside. Ridiculous. I can’t even imagine what these characters encounter on a daily basis but I love this bold, unexpected element the designers have added to the outdoor space which I have no doubt is one of the most popular spots in this hotel.

Taking a risk in design is hard but if you don’t take the risk what fun is that? Thanks for the inspiration Surfcomber, I might just be heading your way soon.




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