Fall Flower Boxes

When it comes to gardening I always seem to struggle. I have been known to either forget to water plants for extended periods of time or over-water plants to the point they become moldy. When I’m involved it typically doesn’t end well. So, when my neighbor and I decided to be manage updating the flower boxes for Fall I was slightly panicked. My track record isn’t good but I knew I had to start somewhere. Since the flowers only have to last until the Winter, which is not that far away, this is probably a good time for me to get some practice in and work on my gardening skills.

First finding some inspiration, because that’s one part of this process I can do well!

My favorite, hydrangeas, but a little too late in the season for them to survive.

Beautiful, classic Fall, but neighborhood kids might just have a field day with the pumpkins and gourds.

Mums and Kale
Now we’ve got it, mums because they will last for the season and have great color and flowering kale because it’s too cool not to include.

So here is what we came up with. The mums need some time to bloom but it’s a start.
Fall Window Boxes 2012

Now to the hardest part, remembering to water them.

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