My Little Shangri-La: Tree House Living

We all have that special place, our little shangri-la. The place we go when we need a break from everyday life, our own little happy place. This place can be real or it can be a fantasy and as a designer our task is to create that shangri-la for clients. Knowing the client, their needs, and how they live their life you have to envision that fantasy for them and get them there.

In this new series “My Little Shangri-La” I will chronicle those special places people go to whether it be an actual place or a place I envision for someone I encounter in my daily life. I hope you enjoy.

We begin with Doris. I met Doris a few weeks back as I was making a visit to see a special 95 year old lady who had just had a major surgery and was now recovering in a skilled nursing facility. Doris was the roommate of our special 95 year old lady friend and she immediately greeted us as we walked in. Her magnifying glass out so she could see the book she was reading and her oxygen tank right next to her not only did she immediately greet us she did it with a smile.

After our meet and greet Doris began to tell us about their new digs. “Now we have it made here in this corner room, we have two great windows and I tell you it’s like our own little tree house, tree house living right here.” And then it was all of us with the big smiles. What a way to look at life when we all know a magnifying glass, oxygen tank and roommate isn’t the ideal living situation. Doris had gone there, she had gone to her little shangri-la, her tree house living.

Our special 95 year old lady has moved back to her home and I don’t know shall I say where Doris is full time but I can imagine this is where she might be at least part of the time.

Maybe outdoor living in Bali this week.

Or this community of amazing treetop homes in Costa Rica for the winter.

Sometimes maybe things need to be a little more modern, Baumraum has that place.

Harry Potter fan? Perhaps a hogwart-style tree house.

Wherever Up in the Air she might be there is no doubt Doris is happy.


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