Baseball and Design

In honor of my nephew and his Keystone 9-10 Little League team winning the Tournament of State Champions last night I thought it might be fun to do something baseball related.

How do you incorporate baseball and design? Go straight to the premium level seating.

Let me tell you not all luxury suites are created equal so Forbes helped me kick off my search with the Top 5 Luxury Suites in Major League Baseball.

Let’s check out the interiors of baseball parks around the country.

First we have the TD Comfort Clubhouse, Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre. Two words wine lounge. Wait this was about interiors, yes comfortable and modern in Toronto is what I meant.

Next we’re headed to¬†Thomson Reuters Champions Club, Minnesota Twins, Target Field.

Major points from me for the stone fireplace and navy. I’m struggling to accept the carpet with baseballs on it but it is a baseball park so I’ll let this one slide.

At Gehl Club, Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park the space looks great, the pillows yes like the pattern but maybe some more comfortable seating and this club is all set.

Heading to the west coast, Lexus Dugout Suites, Los Angeles Angels, Angel Stadium.

Um they did a nice job designing the home plate? No I get it you are 50 feet from the batter’s box this one is about the experience.

We can count on Miami to get us back on track, Diamond Club, Miami Marlins, Marlins Park, I’m going here. This space makes you feel like you are in South Beach not a ballpark.

Now for some spaces that didn’t make Forbes list but make mine.

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club definitely designed with the male fan in mind but I can appreciate their use of a decent lighting fixture over the pool tables. White table cloths, who knew Pittsburgh was so fancy? I kind of like it.

My hometown team the Red Sox, how can you go wrong with a name like Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom. A more intimate space with a private chef and a heated patio.

At Petco Park, when watching the Padres it feels like they have brought the outdoors in with this bright and open space.

The SAP Suite Lounge at Yankees Stadium, high ceilings, grand space, large bar done right.

Maybe I’ll be watching my nephew from one of these lounges some day!

Congrats to the 2013 TOSC winners Keystone Little League. Thanks for inspiring today’s post.


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