Thinking Pink

I was all over Massachusetts today, from the South Shore selecting carpets to the Boston Design Center selecting fabrics. Multiple times I found myself “thinking pink”. I couldn’t figure out why because there isn’t any pink involved in the projects I was working on. So many times today I’d blank and have a moment where I thought about my maternal grandmother. I would get a wonderful image of her classic, proper self and especially her signature bright pink lipstick. I think about her often but I just couldn’t get why I kept thinking about her so much today. That is until I got home this evening and finally had a chance to sit down, relax, and clear a little bit of the fog from my mind.

Today would have been Grandma Jean’s 89th birthday. There you have it. She decided to spend the day reminding me of her classic style and her favorite color pink (the color also associated with breast cancer awareness, coincidence, perhaps not). So today I’m featuring rooms in Grandma Jean’s favorite color, pink. Not just a color that most people automatically associate as feminine and girly but a color that can read classic, beautiful, and I’d like to say even strong and brave.

To the golfer, this is the ultimate room.

Thank you to a woman, whom I loved dearly, for allowing me to find time for blogging again. In more ways than one you inspire me everyday.


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