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Working hard to graduate from college a year ahead of schedule Ashley’s parents encouraged her to slow down, enjoy that time, and do something fun. So instead of growing up too fast she spent a year working in a baby boutique that custom designed nurseries. Ashley was having a blast and figured out she was on to something. Loving the idea of having her own business she bought a small stationery store with her sister. She sure was on to something but that just wasn’t it yet. So she packed up and went west landing in San Francisco where she spent 5 years in the corporate buying world sourcing, designing and selecting products for several major retailers. When the opportunity to move to Boston came along, her husband encouraged her to take time to determine her next move. After trying out a few completely different paths and encountering a health setback that stopped her in her tracks, it was then she had finally figured it out. Combining her love for custom pieces, great eye, and invaluable experience working for top retailers she had it: interior design! In May 2012 the Flint Street Design Blog was born.

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